Call for Side Sessions: GLOBSEC Forum

GLOBSEC is inviting organizations to propose side session ideas to complement the main program of the Forum. As we convene to address pressing global issues, we recognize the importance of diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts in shaping solutions.

About GLOBSEC Forum

GLOBSEC Forum has established itself as the leading platform in the Central European region and one of the preeminent strategic conferences in Europe and the transatlantic area. Since its inception, the Forum has provided space for both formal and informal discussions to generate breakthrough ideas to the challenges of our times. GLOBSEC 2024 side sessions edition is no different and will seek to prescribe solutions and encourage decisive action and develop strategies to address the most urgent crises of the future. In concert with our main sessions, held across three interactive stages, the Forum will organize a roster of diverse thematic side sessions and exclusive brainstorming sessions. The combination of these conference features regularly attracts the highest levels of international media and journalists.

Call for Proposals

We welcome proposals for side sessions that align with the overarching themes of the GLOBSEC Forum and contribute to its objectives. Side sessions may cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Regional, European and transatlantic security challenges
  • European politics, priorities of EU
  • Emerging threats and trends
  • Cybersecurity and digital resilience
  • Geopolitical dynamics and strategic partnerships
  • Disinformation and hybrid threats
  • Innovation and technology
  • Economy and energy
  • Climate security and environmental sustainability
Group of experts engaged in a roundtable discussion on European security challenges at a GLOBSEC side session.

Speakers and Participants

Side sessions at the GLOBSEC Forum typically feature speakers and participants from the pool of high-level attendees of the main conference. Side sessions are open to all participants of the GLOBSEC Forum, who have the opportunity to sign up for them via the conference registration system starting from 1st July, bearing in mind the capacity of dedicated side sessions venues.

While successful applicants are encouraged to identify and approach relevant speakers for their side sessions, the GLOBSEC team is available to provide assistance in this regard. It is important to note that the number of external speakers is strictly limited, and all speakers must be chosen by 15 June. Additionally, GLOBSEC reserves the right to approve all speakers selected for the side sessions to ensure alignment with the Forum’s objectives and standards.

Submission Guidelines

Participants brainstorming solutions to transatlantic security issues during a GLOBSEC 2024 Forum side session.

Interested organizations are invited to submit proposals for side sessions using the online submission form available on the GLOBSEC Forum website. Proposals should include the following information:

  • Title and a brief description of the side session (max. 250 words)
  • Objectives and intended outcomes
  • Proposed format (e.g. roundtable, workshop, etc.)
  • List of suggested speakers/moderators
  • Expected number of participants (max. is 30)
  • Preferred date slot for the side session (30 Aug – 1 Sep)

Related costs

There are various tiers of costs associated with hosting side sessions at the GLOBSEC Forum, determined by the scale and complexity of the proposed session. This fee encompasses logistical arrangements and other details necessary for the successful execution of the side session. Further details regarding these options are available upon request at [email protected].

Our options include co-hosting a side session with GLOBSEC or another reputable institution, as well as hosting an independent side session with cooperation and assistance from GLOBSEC. When submitting your proposal, please indicate your preferred format, and we will get back to you with pricing options.

Deadline for Submission

Proposals must be submitted by 14th June 2024 to be considered for inclusion in the GLOBSEC Forum program. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Selection Process

All proposals will be carefully reviewed by the GLOBSEC Forum organizing committee. Selection criteria will include relevance to the Forum topics, clarity of objectives, diversity of perspectives, and feasibility of implementation.

Join Us

Be part of GLOBSEC 2024 side sessions and submit your proposal for a side session at the GLOBSEC Forum today!

We look forward to your participation.